Website Maintenance

A website is sophisticated software, and this needs to be cared for regularly. Moreover, a website needs maintenance by adding regular updates. This includes multiple settings such as revising, editing and changing web pages. To keep the website engaged, you need to add fresh content on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, you should also know that search engines are very much ahead when it comes to technological application. Therefore, we make sure that you stay in the league. At the IT heaven, we offer top-notch website maintenance service in Kolkata. You can get various kinds of maintenance service from our company. We help you keep your website updated, thereby enhancing your lead conversion ratio. We can also help you run your website meticulously even if you own a static one. We offer proven strategies to attract your users.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • Website quality check
  • Content and Website Update
  • Website Performance
  • Website Links
  • Image editing
  • Blog updates
  • News updates

We offer quality website maintenance services in Kolkata. We render tailor-made solutions as per the client's need. We aim to garner a successful growth of customers. Additionally, we offer package based service generally on a monthly basis depending upon the website type and size. Meanwhile, for customers planning to have a smooth website growth, you can go for our annual website maintenance service.

Being one of the most premium website development company of Kolkata, we can guarantee you excellent growth at the shortest time. Our services include adding, editing or modifying content and graphics, updating newsletters, redesigning web pages, etc. We can also serve you with a complete redesign of the website at a very reasonable amount.

Meanwhile, our professionals from the IT heaven ensure the swift workability of your website. We offer other services including speed checks, website performance and the workability of the website. We help you to keep your website upgraded from time to time. We also ensure all the essential changes are carried periodically. This provides smooth functioning of your website. Our company is well known for its precise customer support service. Thus, having served the global business community, the IT heaven is a trusted brand in the international arena.